Loading . Lake Guntersville offers excellent.. Click Here To Read More When seasonal rains cause the Black River to spill over into adjacent lowlands, ducks arrive in huge numbers. Subscriber Services. Fishing, boating, camping, hunting and eagle watching are popular sports in the area. "Many hunters have outfitted their boats with blinds and mud motors so they can hunt out on the shallow flats where ducks like to rest," he says. To hunt waterfowl in Alabama, you must have the following: How to Report a Band Largemouth bass is the most popular sportfish in this reservoir. Alabama hunters might not have the opportunities some of their Southern neighbors do, but they make up for fewer birds with extra hunting effort, so well give Alabama a B. Realtree is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience to everyone, including those with disabilities.2023 Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved. This fertile, 45,000-acre lake is located in the southeast corner of Alabama on the AL/GA border. A group of Lake Guntersville homeowners is hoping the state puts new regulations against non-tournament bow hunting on the lake. David Harper is a Boise State graduate and a dedicated Snake River waterfowler. Wildfowl's Skip Knowles and Shaundi Campbell of Browning are taking a look at the Browning Maxus 2 Wicked Wing in Vintage Camo. Migration of striped bass through dams from reservoirs that have striped bass stocking programs can explain this existence (i.e. "The bay can be very dangerous when the wind kicks up, and it's no place for ill-equipped, inexperienced hunters." Guntersville Reservoir and its Tributary of Town Creek - It is illegal to possess any largemouth or smallmouth bass less than 15 inches in total length. Much of Guntersville is open to public hunting but it takes the right equipment and knowledge to hunt the lakes abundant duck species. Lake Guntersville is located in north Alabama between Bridgeport and Guntersville. Outside of blue-winged teal and cinnamons, you literally never know what might swing over the decoys. Does Tevive Apple Cranberry Tea Have Caffeine, Angler reports offer great evaluations of the catfish fishery at Guntersville Reservoir. Another Alabama sunrise was about to pay off with bull cans in the bag. Over 1,000 miles long, the mighty Snake cuts through Idahos heart and provides the base for some of the most picturesque waterfowl hunting anywhere in the world. 30.) Multiple areas of bluegill habitat are available in this upper end of Guntersville. how much caffeine in taster's choice instant coffee. $20.05 Cost of Resident Waterfowl Hunting License $11 Cost of Resident State Stamps and Permits $25 Federal Duck Stamp WMA license, $20.05 Season $114.25; 10-day $69.60; three-day $50.45 Cost of Non-Resident Waterfowl Hunting License $11 Cost of Non-Resident State Stamps and Permits $25 Federal Duck Stamp WMA license, $18.90 They are heading for towns like Brinkley, Stuttgart, Greenwood, Brownsville, Jonesboro, Greenville, waitBrownsville? Recently revitalized, the trail offers a 1.2- mile adventure that sits minutes from Lake Guntersville Dam. As with other Tennessee reservoirs in this region of the state, fishing success for catfish and angler pursuit is expected to remain favorable. Cows, wide open spaces, rolling hills, scrub brush, it all adds up to prime waterfowl habitat, right? Pinecrest Dining Room is open to serve you 3 meals per day, 7 days per week! Thats pretty strong for a county not located in a major flyway., Most successful hunters use boats to access the lake and hunt either near the bank or in open water with portable boat blinds. And the hunting can be fantastic for both ducks and geese. "This is one of the few places along the Louisiana coastline where freshwater marsh is actually building, and the vegetation is particularly attractive to ducks," says Larry Reynolds, waterfowl study leader for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF). Blake McWilliams grew up here, his family farms land near the Hatchie refuge. The animals which are available for hunting are Deer, Coyotes, Bear, Snakes, Turkey, Dove, Waterfowl, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Quail. Sauger and a few walleye run upstream during the winter and early spring, and anglers catch sauger within the reservoir at bridge crossings and below Guntersville Dam. The Tennessee River is a winter magnet for bald eagles, attracting dozens of majestic birds from their summer homes further north as ice sets in and fish and waterfowl become hard to find. A solid 18-foot duck boat with a 40-60 hp jet drive outboard will handle everything but the roughest rapids. Gadwall, mallards, woodies, pintails, and even black ducks inhabit the mostly shallow lake. Although, any species of bass may be found in any of the variety of habitats available in this tailwater and beyond. Upcoming Events. Our beautiful lake city is located on the southernmost point of the Tennessee River and surrounded by 69,000 acres of water. Grab the A-frames or layouts or utilize the natural cover with no hide, we do it all. Bass fishing quality at Lake Guntersville is assessed from bass club tournamentresults. Sauger: 10 per day, 15 inch minimum length limit. Sauger: 10 per day, 15 inch minimum length limit. The harvest on both WMAs consists of mostly mallards, gadwalls and ringnecks. As spring transitions to summer, focus on rock/riprap banks along the river channel and deep secondary areas. The banks adjacent to the dam are good choices year around when flows are favorable. He says the beauty of hunting the Snake is simple. Redear Sunfish: 20 per day, no length limit. Colbert County, in north Alabama, offers turkey and deer hunting areas, and there are 34,000 acres---much of that TVA land---in public lands. Sat 25. I was still in college when the idea struck me that we could build something special here and take people on incredible hunts in a place they had never heard of. He and friends from high school and college teamed up in 2013 to start Mallard Estates Outfitter based near Brownsville. Did I mention mallards? No more than three rods and reels or poles per angler may be used. No more than 3 rods and reels or poles per angler may be used. "Hunters can pick the type of habitat they want to hunt." Lake Guntersville State Park Lake Guntersville Resort State Park is located along the banks of the Tennessee River in Northeast Alabama with 6,000 acres of natural woodlands. Coastal hunters do well on divers, particularly bluebills, ringnecks and redheads. No fish are currently stocked into this section of Guntersville. On behalf of the City of Guntersville and the Lake Guntersville Chamber of Commerce, I would like to invite you to come and experience our wonderful community! 1 bedroom in lodge with Queen Bed and a twin bed, 1 Bedroom with two twin beds and a bunk room with 10 beds. Field-tested in the harsh conditions of Alaska, these top-performing shotguns are built to take a beating. Harper says that not every boat is suited for the rigors of the Snake, but it doesnt take anything very special either. Region 3 Office:931-484-9571 Posted By: Buckkiller77 Guntersville duck hunting - 01/23/16 02:42 PM. The Sequatchie River empties into the Tennessee River in this section of TN waters which also offers a unique fishery at its mouth and within. This begins in late March but isnt in full effect until April. Bluegill/Warmouth and other sunfishes: no creel or length limit. We are probably hunting the same spots, ha ha. Puddle ducks, diving ducks, sea ducks, geese, swans, the variety makes your head spin. Lake Guntersville State Park will once again host its popular Eagle Awareness Weekends from January through February 2022, according to a statement from . A couple of dozen mallard decoys can produce canvasbacks, redheads, scaup, goldeneyes, and everything else in between. Since 1983, the Mexican duck is a recognized separate species, more closely resembling a black duck or mottled duck than a mallard. For centuries, hordes of ducks and geese have used the state's coastal bays and marshes, flooded swamps, agricultural fields, inland lakes, river backwaters, and oxbows during migration and winter. How's the duck hunting been on Guntersville Lake? The best part about going there is still the hunting however, the sheer numbers of mallards when the conditions are right is unbelievable. Waterfowl hunters will find some surprisingly good hunting in Vermont. Brent Lanier's Fishing. Lake Guntersville is located in North Alabama between Bridgeport and Guntersville. Lake Guntersville is located in north Alabama between Bridgeport and Guntersville. Hunting out of Rhode Island is not rocket science, go where you see birds, he said. People that grow up in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut have a hard time believing somebody would want to come all the way up there to shoot a brant or a white-wing scoter. Goose and teal hunting is allowed on Lake Lanier with the following exceptions: 1) No hunting allowed within 1000 feet of any dock, house, structure, bridge, road, boatramp, marina, or open recreation area; and 2) No hunting in Bald Ridge Creek, Shoal Creek and any areas south of Lake Lanier Islands. There are many different duck and goose species available to Washington hunters. lake guntersville duck hunting regulations Guntersville Alabama 35976. How about smallies near 7-pounds? Culling is prohibited. No doubt there has been a northern shift in recent decades in mallard wintering grounds and this area holds them by the hundreds of thousands at peak times. 227 Town Creek bridge. Possession limit ducks and geese: Triple the daily bag limit. Lightly bobbing decoys moved on long lines laid out in the boats front, a ready retriever scanned the sky. Waterfowl season forecasters estimate good populations of ducks and geese for the Mississippi Flyway, which includes Alabama, but those waterfowl may not be easy to fool this season. Hunting can be outstanding for those who scout and learn where the ducks are." To hunt there, you'll need a WMA license and a free WMA map permit. Easterwood adds that much of the lake is open to public hunting. Jeremy Ferrari Couple Nawell Madani, However, hunters can still find places to set up if they scout properly and have the right equipment. Fishing rocky protrusions on the river that create eddies or back currents are also great places to target crappie. Thats right, a great place to find canvasbacks in numbers is more known for big largemouth bass than ducks. wheres it say that? Two hotspots are Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area (FWA) near Linton and Kankakee FWA near North Judson. A boat. My question is if I'm in a boat and don't touch the shore line can i basically hunt next to any bank as long as it's the required 1000 feet. The bay lay quiet before clear shooting light. That means a lot of smaller waters, stock ponds, small lakes and creeks. Lake Guntersville State Park: It's Bald Eagle Watching Season. Several gamefish species can be caught the TN portion of Guntersville Reservoir, such as largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, sauger, bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie, and catfish. For more information about hunting on Goose Pond and Kankakee FWAs, visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website at in.gov/dnr. Though most noted nationally for large bass, Lake Guntersville is home to quality angling for a variety of fish. tui cabin crew benefits. Same people head down to Texas to shoot pintails. We will have several classes of boats competing this year including H1 Unlimiteds, Grand Prix Americas and Pro Lites 5 Litres. WFFBiologists provide technical assistance to landowners and other entities regarding many aspects of waterfowl management. Additionally, there is no shortage of bait fish in this area of Guntersville, so growth rates of bass are typically good. Guntersville Lake is tucked into Alabama's northeast corner, northeast of Birmingham and southwest of Huntsville. Want to shoot a wigeon limit, maybe even a Eurasian? Several areas of suitable spawning habitat and desired food coexist in the reservoir which typically yields consistent year classes of redear sunfish. Between 1995-2020, the Seale's Trail was the path I used most often at Lake Guntersville State Park. Chris Wagner Racing. As water temperatures warm in the spring crappie begin to move shallow and fishing heats up. Fish&Live Lake Guntersville is the Official App for the entire Lake Guntersville Region. Its a lot of fun to be there on the waters surface in the middle of the action. Wish Clinic Parkland, Natural baits such as worms and crickets work great. Kentucky Lake is the western boundary of the 270-square mile Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. ALL SPRO ONLY TOURNAMENT LAKE LANIER APRIL 1, 2023 ALL SPRO ONLY TOURNAMENT LAKE CHICKAMAUGA MAY 6, 2023 SPRO FROG TOURNAMENT LAKE HAVASU JUNE 10, 2023 SPRO FROG LAKE GUNTERSVILLE CIVITAN PARK OCTOBER 7TH, 2023. One day we may be chasing wigeons over fresh slash water after a big rain and hunting divers and puddlers on a strip pit by a highway the next. It does if you are standing in southern Oklahoma. During the pre-spawn, anglers can find crappie in the small coves adjacent to the main river as well as laydowns on the rivers edge, located out of the main current. Do Your Homework The best places to hunt aren't always easy to get to, according to Brewster. Lake Guntersville fishing is great for bass, crappie, catfish and more in the Cotton State. Culling is prohibited. 16,417 were here. You must know the tides and watch the weather closely. Give a Gift At this time good lures to use are crankbaits and soft plastics. Another prime example of our waterfowl species' adaptable nature. For more details: realtyww. All Wildfowl subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Business & Industry. got a friend with a duck boat . Hunters can also enjoy public hunting on thousands of acres of land owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Sauger are not readily found in tailwater areas during the summer months. His specialty is dry field hunting over decoys for a wide variety of puddle ducks including the Mexican. The regulations state you can hunt anywhere as long as you are 1000 feet away from docks, houses, or structures. Hunting, Research, and Management. Huntsville is under 65 miles away, and Chattanooga, Tennessee is under 80 miles away. Need one More GA duckhunter for Guntersville guided hunt. Geese: Daily bag limit: 30, which may include up to 20 white geese, up to 10 dark geese, of which only 2 may be large Canada geese. Guntersville Reservoir supports some great catfish fisheries. The season opens Friday and Saturday, closes for a week, then re-opens Dec. 4-Jan. Also, any hunter 12 and under is free! The riprap banks provide great habitat for spotted and smallmouth bass. Hunting spots are assigned both through online drawings and an on-site lottery each morning. White and white-fronted geese: Feb 6 - Mar 10. It may not display this or other websites correctly. However, Reynolds adds one caveat. The mallard limit here is one higher than the Mississippi Flyway at 5, no more than two hens. If you're 1000 feet away, you should be ok. Post a reply. Ducks, geese, and cranes love rye and alfalfa too, they roost on the water and feed in the fields.. The lake stretches 75 miles (121 km) from Guntersville Dam to Nickajack Dam. Discuss Alabama duck hunting and more. The best waterfowling occurs in the Champlain Valley, where numerous public wetlands and private farmland provide excellent hunting for ducks and geese. For details, visit the state park's Eagle Awareness page. Virtually all hunting is from permanent blinds. When there are a lot of boats running in a given area, it scares the ducks away." Bream fishing is excellent throughout the lake, especially during late spring and early summer. 2022 spro tournament schedule. Only steps away from the shores of Lake Guntersville, where you can enjoy excellent fishing, hunting and boating.y. Hunting pressure can be heavy, especially on opening weekend. Only steps away from the shores of Lake Guntersville, where you can enjoy excellent fishing, hunting and boating.y. 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